Award winning, locally owned & operated variety store in Whitianga, New Zealand.


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Hi there. I'd like to introduce myself...

Iā€™m AlleyCat the CEO at Pinky's.

I used to be the neighbour's cat but when they moved away I decided to stay and make my own way in the world. I started looking after myself, living in the alley behind the Lee Street shops and sleeping under a trailer out the back of the pink shop. One day a big truck arrived in the alley with hundreds of big boxes which made me rather curious, being the cat that I am!

It was when this first truck took my interest that I met the people at Pinky's or should I say they met me. I started to visit and they would give me little treats, and you know those big boxes I mentioned... well they built a house out of one for me so I wouldn't have to sleep under the trailer anymore. I think my cuteness and charm won them over as they started letting me have sleep overs with brekky every morning and dinner at night. I felt I should repay them for their kindness so decided to adopt them as it was obvious my presence made them very happy.

You could say I've fallen on my four feet, in fact I've become a bit of a celeb with my admirers coming in to see me daily. During the day I have lots of adventures with all the comings and goings at Pinky's. Trucks arrive all the time and leave lots of parcels... it's like Xmas every day!

I help as much as I can and do my bit supervising the stock and I'm superb at recycling cardboard boxes. You can see how good I am by watching me starring in my very own videos. I also spend a lot of time sitting on the counter amusing customers - I think it is called good PR.

I haven't come to grips with a pad and pencil so can't help much with the admin, but I'm extraordinarily excellent at eating, sleeping, absorbing huge amounts of fuss and attention, hiding in boxes, chasing little red dots and walking on computer keyboards.

I reckon I'm one lucky AlleyCat and who would've thought my favourite colour was going to be pink!